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UK survey finds that 46% of businesses report cyberattacks, figure may be underreported.

With increasing insecurity and rapidly degrading trust in data security, businesses and consumers alike are worried about their informational privacy moving into the future.

A recent survey, entitled "The Cyber Security Breaches Survey", published by the UK cyber resilience and National Cyber Strategy earlier in 2022 reports that a significant portion of businesses in the UK have been victims of attempted #cybersecurity breaches within the last few years. Between 39% and 46% of businesses in the UK have reported attempted #databreach incidents from 2017-2022. The survey indicates that this number may be underestimated as businesses may be underreporting this information.

"46% of businesses... have reported attempted data breach incidents"

This survey dives further into details about the frequency, type, and severity of these #cyberattacks. The research warns business and charity owners that up to 31% of organizations are attacked at least once a week, with one third of these organizations reporting they have experienced "negative outcomes" as a result of these attacks. The estimated cost of these attacks have been estimated to be about £19,400 or $25,420 US dollars per successful attack for medium and large businesses.

Despite organizations placing increasing importance and funding on cybersecurity, the survey indicates that the majority of organizations within the UK still do not meet the minimum requirements of best cybersecurity practices. This information is astounding, especially as about half of UK organizations (54%) in 2022 have implemented measures to identify attempted data breaches. Further, only 19% of businesses surveyed have a formal incident response plan. These factors indicate that often, organizations of all sizes have inadequate information to create cybersecurity plans and policies to properly protect their systems integrity from foreign invaders.

"only 19% of businesses surveyed have a formal incident response plan"

Protecting your organization from data breaches

If you are like many organizational leaders today, you may be wondering what steps you can take now to prevent and mitigate the damage of any such attack. Fortunately, the "National Cyber Security Centre" has created a brief guide that may act as a framework for organizations to develop plans, policies, and training from. This guide will outline 10 basic steps that every organization, regardless of size, should take to begin to secure their data.

Additionally, it is recommended that your organization partners with a cyberseucrity expert to review your current plans, policies, training, and procedures. Working with a cybersecurity partner will limit your network entry points, improve your employee cyberseucrity hygiene through training, and configure your network to limit damage in the event that your cyberseucrity defenses are breached.

Our team of experts here at Pentagon Cyber, Inc. have the experience and tools to help your organization avoid embarrassing and damaging data leaks. Our team has experience working with both large-scale government funded cybersecurity projects to smaller, local businesses in securing their most important information. The team of cybersecurity experts at Pentagon Cyber will work with you to find cost-effective solutions that improve your cybersecurity defenses in all aspects. From training to incident response, we are prepared to guide you and your organization through every step of the process of securing your most valuable resource, information.

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