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Pentagon Cyber partners with African governments to improve international cybersecurity standards.

Mozambique is a rapidly developing nation in Africa. It is expected that the country should modernize faster than it surrounding neighbor countries.

The Republic of Mozambique is a beautiful country located in Southeastern Africa bordering the Indian Ocean to the East. This nation is developing rapidly in infrastructure and technology, quickly becoming one the the words fastest developing nations. This rapid development is largely due to the nations vast wealth of natural resources, as well as the governmental significant investments into national infrastructure.

An analysis done by published by Aaron O'Neill in January of 2022 analyzing the GDP development rate of Mozambique from 2016 projected into 2026 predicts an expected 12.62% rise in GDP in 2023, and a further 13.93% rise in GDP in 2026. This can be compared to the United State's average GDP growth of around 3.14%.

"[the] development rate of Mozambique... predicts and expected 12.62% rise in GDP in 2023... compared to the United States average GDP growth of around 3.14%."

The rapid development of Mozambique has allowed it to become a hotspot for data-hosting, cloud services, and rapidly advancing data networks to begin. This growth is further perpetuated as European data centers, especially those near the Russia-Ukraine war, are migrating and diversifying into other nations to avoid damage and service loss.

Understanding this great potential for growth, the American company Pentagon Cyber, Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with the Mozambican government in the effort to develop modern cybersecurity standards, organizations, and models for the government and people of Mozambique.

"the American company Pentagon Cyber, Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with the Mozambican government"

Representatives of both the Mozambique government and Pentagon Cyber, Inc. are currently developing the execution plans, tools, and training necessary to develop these cybersecurity systems.

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