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India requires organizations to report cybersecurity incidents within 6 hours.

India is requiring organizations to report all cybersecurity incidents to CERT-IN within six hours of detection.

India is releasing new directives that requires companies to report any cybersecurity incidents to India's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which is a national agency that promotes increased cyberseucrity measures. These new requirements were proposed by CERT-In recently in response to the rapid increase of malicious individuals and organizations attempting to damage various agencies, organizations, and corporations internationally.

A representative from CERT-In argues that they have identified major gaps in India's national cybersecurity posture and that the nation must respond with more aggressive measures. These changes will begin to be enforced within 60 days.

These new directives should allow the nation to respond rapidly to new cyberthreats as they begin to arise, leading to a quicker response and a quicker public warning. India is leading the globe in this respect. Hopefully other nations will follow India's example and develop better reporting measures that will allow for more effective responses to cybersecurity attacks nationally and internationally.

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