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Cybersecurity Solutions for Projects Large and Small.

Cyberthreats effect organizations of all sizes, big or small. Industry leaders are looking to cybersecurity experts to protect their valuable information from hackers, data leaks, and systems damage. Working with an expert can help you and your firm navigate the ever-changing world of government compliance, risks, and employee cyber-hygiene requirements. 

Pentagon Cyber, Inc. is a global leader in cybersecurity, involved with governments and firms around the world. Our team of experts can help you craft plans, procedures, and training tailored to your organizations that can help you stop cyberthreats early. 

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More about us:

Pentagon Cyber, Inc. is a cyber security consultation firm dedicated to reducing pertinent data risks by increasing entity cyber hygiene, testing entity security systems & incident response, and developing solutions to vulnerable components to an entities cyber-security system. 

Pentagon Cyber's president, Dr. Charlene Coon has a 25 year track record in the cyber security field and has worked with government and military entities on a variety of projects in the past. 

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