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Secure your sensitive information and meet your HIPPA compliance needs.

Would your organization pass a federal HIPPA compliance audit? Healthcare organizations are becoming required to pass increasingly more difficult data and security standards. The cybersecurity professionals at Pentagon Cyber can assist your organization in passing the federal HIPPA audit by preparing your with employee training, systems reviews, consultation services, and much more.

Healthcare organizations are important and valuable targets for cybersecurity threats, both internal and external. Because of this, government compliance with HIPPA  regulations and HITECH Act compliance standards are becoming more and more complex with time. Don't let your organization fall behind the curve of cybersecurity compliance, work with an expert today! Our team of experts can assist you in maintaining regulatory compliance, developing and deploying new, modern protocols and procedures, as well as engage in systems analysis to identify potential, costly gaps in compliance and security standards. 

The cybersecurity professionals at Pentagon Cyber can help your organization navigate the rapidly changing regulatory environment and assist in keeping protected health information (PHI) safe for security threats. Follow the booking link below to schedule a free initial conversation with one of our experts to see how Pentagon Cyber can help your organization today. 


Healthcare Organizations

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